Tapco Tools Introduces Two New Time-Saving Brake Accessories

Boral’s Tapco Tools, the industry leader in premium professional-grade contractor brakes, has added two new brake accessories to its offerings: the M2X gauge, an easy-to-use measuring tool that saves contractors as much as 50% of time, and the S2X, a material stop accessory that allows for two times faster cuts and repeat bends.

M2X Gauge

The M2X gauge eliminates the need for a tape measure and pencil when bending trim pieces in Tapco Tools’ contractor brakes. Named for its ability to Measure 2X as fast, the M2X includes an onboard measuring tape and two easy-to-attach, moveable brackets with corresponding measurement markings. Where once users had to measure, mark the bends (often front and back), and then move the trim to those marked positions, now they can simply place the material on the brake and move it to the scale on the M2X gauge accessory.

The result is as much as 50% faster bending—and the associated cost savings—along with increased accuracy and reduced waste. Pieces come out of the brake clean and ready to install, with no pencil marks or snip-cut marks on the finished product.

Learn more about the M2X here.

S2X Gauge

Securing onto the back of Tapco Tools siding brakes, the S2X gauge comprises two orange anodized aluminum material stops on two long bar/pivot assemblies adhered with white measuring tape and orange Cut Off tape. The user slides the stops along the bars to the desired measurement and secures in place with thumb screws. When material is inserted into the brake, the accessory stops the material at the precise spot for an accurate cut or repeat bends—no tape measures or pencil marks required.

The versatile tool allows for cuts with a utility knife (using the white measuring tape) or a Cut Off (using the orange Cut Off tape). Contractors also can stack material, continuing to move the piece inward as successive cuts are made, saving significant handling time.

Learn more about the S2X here.