Foundry Adds Two New Colors to Grayne Shingle Siding Lineup

Foundry’s Grayne shingle siding from Boral Building Products is now available in two new colors—Mountain Ash, a sandy white, and Rustic Slate, a bluish gray. Each color was selected based on research by Renee Labbe, a leading color foresight strategist.

“We’re continuing to see demand on both ends of the color spectrum—whites and darks—with less demand for the in-between. Mountain Ash and Rustic Slate respond to the latest consumer trends without feeling like a fad—they’re colors that will remain classic for years to come,” said Ben Drury, Brand Manager for Boral Building Products.

Mountain Ash and Rustic Slate also are a perfect complement to Grayne shingle sidings’ distinctive graining patterns and sharp, crisp edges, which create natural depth and shadow lines for the authentic look of natural cedar without the associated maintenance. The new colors are available in the 7.5” Red Cedar profile.

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